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The surest way to the right decision.

Today the markets and underlying conditions are changing faster than ever before. Knowledge of one's business management situation is crucial for reacting flexibly and, above all, prudently at the right time. The prerequisite is an objective number-based view of the company. In addition to small enterprises, I support mainly medium-sized service, retail and manufacturing companies. My client base also includes holding companies and NGO's / NPO's, business start-ups and clients of personnel and management consultancies. What brings them to me?

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Greater transparency for KPI-based business management

First of all an analysis of the current situation is made on the basis of business performance ratios, primarily from internal accounting sources. Company strengths and potential, weak points and risks, key factors of success and many other characteristics are determined always taking into account the company's identity and history, corporate principles with mission and visions, as well as current market trends. In this way business management facts and correlations become transparent. The information thus obtained provides a sound basis for corporate decisions. If so desired, I will support purposive implementation of these allowing my client to concentrate on his core business.

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Reliable results based on many years of all-round competence

As a business management all-rounder with over 20 years of professional experience, I am thoroughly familiar with virtually all key performance- and management-relevant areas.

For my clients this means:

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